Wanderer (C. Glover)

We sent Jimmy for you, for just a second.
We sent Jimmy for you all.

Flash. Headphones walking away. Flash. Hastily
baggy pants. Tracks. Flash.
The conductor. Flash. Just the second of the rest.

You stank. New bike, dismantled. Then you’d get it together.
ZZ Top dreams, a committed beard, and knees in-out-in-out. And not only when you felt one of your sisters watching.

Just a second!

Ted K. hair, Irish red beard. Yeah, that’s him. I know him as Misunderstood. Wow,
that’s a lot of blood.

Yeah, Mister Understood. I knew him as a child. He did something to me that wasn’t quite …right. Within seconds.

Transgressions forgiven. Eldest said “we all get a pass.”

Jimmy was only there for a second, to identify my brother.
Then we sent him for the rest.

1990, 1994, 2002, 2019

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