I am breaking your heart


I sit with blood, and I am tender.
I really see the moon tonight; half out, half dark.
I keep the glass door closed, though I want it open.
I am cold, and I ache.

I know this will be another night she kicks me,
my long-legged dog who sheds too much and insists on sharing my bed.
Her dreams and her heat will make me throw off my socks and sweatshirt, or fall out and move to the other other side.

But I’ve gotten used to her,
this shared intimacy with no strings and no words.
I’ve gotten used to her long body, and
she is comforting.

And when she is gone, she will be gone. I don’t usually grieve too long.

My friend says that people come and go,
that who is in your life always changes.

I watched my old friend cross a city street the other day,
I stared at him begging him to see me.
But he’s all up in his own head,
so I hung my own and kept walking.

The single butterfly, the baby dragonfly.
So tender when they appear, their wings are
like silent breaths, tears.
They visit, then disappear.

One thought on “I am breaking your heart

  1. It’s strange how life is. We do come and go. First we’re here and then we’re not. I never wanted to be morbid or contemplate the spiritual change of personalities, but everything has an expiration date. In the living world there’s no label to tell us when. The closeness of two being gone. Now passerby’s. Your words are so definite and refined like a clean soul. Thank you for sharing. It gives me the reader hope that I too can grow and change maybe being that butterfly or baby dragonfly that slipped through the cracks.

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