I’ll tell you a little secret


Magical creatures are everywhere. You can find them just by looking up. Just think of it – the stars, the moon, the sun, the clouds, the mountains, the birds.

Yesterday my husband Mike and I decided to beat the heat and go up to San Francisco for the day. Turns out it we wouldn’t beat the heat at all, but at least it was only in the 90s.

We had no real plan, only to go up to SF and get near the water. We accomplished that by taking CalTrain up to the last stop, and then we took the N Judah and the F Line to the end of the line. There past the warfs is the marina district where there is a little beach. We watched people enjoying their day – bicycling, swimming, and we even got to see a bit of a Regatta! Funny that the sound of a cannon firing can bring a smile to your face.

Mike and I were hungry, so we wandered over to Pizz’a Chicago, only to find it wasn’t there anymore. I suggested we walk over to North Beach and eat at a cafe over there, which is a hike up quite a few steep streets, from the marina in to the Russian Hill area of SF. Lovely houses and streets in this area. Little alleyways, stolen glances of someone’s personal zen (there sits a Buddha in the garden!), a few small steep stairs that lead to a basement or otherwise, and a leaning house never fixed after the last quake.

After some significant hiking up some unforgiving hills, we found ourselves in the stranges of places, the bottom of Lombard Street. For those of you who might not know SF this is the street that is supposedly the most crooked street in SF. It’s lined with beautiful landscaping and people that are trying to sell their houses on both sides. 🙂 And it’s full of tourists doing what? Watching people drive down Lombard Street. It’s really one of those WTF? moments, though it is a neat-looking street.

But herein lies the secret. Those silly tourists know nothing about good vacation deals.

Next time you are at the bottom of Lombard Street looking up at that street turn around and head down Lombard Street toward North Beach. Walk about a half block until you see a tree with pods on it and look up.

There, in the tree, you might see about five cherry-headed and green-cheeked conures, having their brunch and talking about their day. It might sound like “honk” and “you don’t say?” and “caliente!” (which is conure-speak for it’s bloody hot today).

So when you’re outside tomorrow, remember to look up – you’ll never know what you’ll see.

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