The information age and pelicans

Brown Pelican

Strange world we live in. Today I read a blog on about how parents take their kids to see zookeepers feed dead bunnies to tigers at the San Francisco zoo. I wonder what the fascination is – are we so removed from Mother Earth that we can only embrace nature when it’s a form of entertainment? What happened to communing with nature? I, for one, did not embrace the entrance of the Information Age, though I have used some of the advancements from it as tools to further my personal growth. I do not like the Information Age. The wealth of knowledge and opinions that live on the Internet is like having a thousand books at your disposal that you don’t want to read. To me, it’s not exhilarating, it’s overwhelming.Yet, everyday people go online looking for something outside of themselves to make them happy.

One day I went on a hike with my friend Brian to Muir Woods. After lunch we went to Rodeo Beach, someplace I had never been before. It was a gorgeous day, and before we found a spot on the sand we were treated to the site of a Great Blue Heron waltzing its way down the road behind us and in to the marsh.

Then, we enjoyed the simple act of sitting and watching the ocean, occasionally looking up to watch dozens of pelicans enjoying their freedom. To watch such magnificent creatures makes your heart soar…and sore.

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